Google Sites Intranet Examples

Aesthetic Google Sites intranet examples created with custom branded corporate themes, integrated applications and document management tools.

Collaboration on a Google Sites intranet theme


Google Sites intranet templates are an excellent way to get started on development. They allow you to visualize and plan content. Templates are essentially the framework upon which the whole intranet will be built upon. However, keep in mind that templates can be generic and will most likely need customization in order to fit your brand, intranet requirements and culture.

Get Your Guide Company Intranet Example

Includes a company directory using Awesome Tables, Quick Links, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. A slick and on-brand Google Sites example.

Vortex Information Hub

Includes widgets for external apps, announcements, calendar, links, slideshow and key company figures


Easily share news and connect to what people need in the organization on this accessible & responsive intranet

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