Google Sites Intranet Consultant

We have successfully guided many teams on how to use Google Sites for their department intranet page, extranet, project site or company wiki.

Why hire an intranet consultant?

Google Sites is a vastly underutilized platform within the Google Workspace ecosystem, which is sad because it is the perfect platform for intranet. Being overlooked in the productivity suite, it also happens that many people are unaware of all its features. An intranet consultant is an opportunity to outsource the planning, the development and efficiently handle the coordinating of knowledge management.

If you company is short on skill, experience, time and money for creating an intranet, hiring a consultant will actually guarantee you come under budget and within a reasonable timeline.

IT, HR or Internal Communications teams are usually juggling more pressing matters. Therefore, the consultant can handle the nitty-gritty of intranet development.

References & Case Studies

View sample work, read verified references and consider case studies to build trust in your intranet consultant.

Sample Intranet Portfolio

Browse through example work to get a sense of intranet style, aesthetic and typical strategies employed.

Detailed Pricing & Timing

Make sure both parties understand expectations and sign a contract for the budget you need and the timeline you expect.

Let's Build a Google Sites Intranet Together