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Design, develop and launch successful employee intranet solutions for your company with Google Sites, part of Google Workspace. Effectively boost employee engagement, knowledge sharing and team collaboration.

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What is a Google Sites Intranet?

A Google Sites intranet is a Google Workspace domain-only web property built with Google Sites, the free site building platform from Google. Google Sites is a complete intranet solution because it integrates easily with other Google Workspace applications. Moreover, intranets developed on Google Sites are a private and secure way to share company information, including employee resources like those stored in Google Drive. This internal website combines all tools, communications and information into one online portal.

How to Use Google Sites as an Intranet

The key to using Google Sites for intranet is to acknowledge the strengths of the platform. Intranets developed on Google Sites present universal information to all employees as static content. Dynamic content is provided by embedded Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive folders and other custom gadgets. Here are the steps on how to start an intranet with Google Sites:

Why Use Google Sites Instead of Other Intranet Software?

The benefits of using Google Sites are:

So, it's intuitive to use and free. Those are pretty convincing facts which have led many companies to leverage Google Sites for wiki, team sites, knowledge centers and "one source of truth" hubs.

Engaging, branded company intranet sites

We will help you make a strategic plan to use Google Sites for your next intranet, extranet, portal, wiki, team or company project site. We start by designing a custom branded intranet template, then content migration, then training. The whole intranet building process can be guided by us as your dedicated consultant. 

To get started a Google Sites intranet consultant will reply to your enquiry and set up a Scope of Work meeting.

Create an Intranet for Google Sites

We help organization's use Google Sites for intranets, project management sites, events, department news and the general dissemination of information throughout the organization. We can help you move off Sharepoint or Wordpress to a secure platform used by government, education and private industry companies. 

Create a Collaborative Google Sites Experience

Google Sites is all about passive communication - the kind of information that is ready and available without having to pick up a phone or email someone. That is why a social, dynamic Google Sites intranet is crucial to the Google Apps organization because it fosters the communication through forums, web conferences and news feeds.

Share Knowledge Org-wide with Google Drive 

One of the best things about Google Sites is the plethora of other Google Apps services you can tie into your company intranet. Your web space will be a constant source of fresh information to your workmates. Intranets are meant to be living and growing organisms that serve as a sort of one-stop-shop for finding documents, contacts and the latest news.

Hire an Intranet Consultant for Google Sites Development

It helps to have an experience guide walk you through setting up an effective Google Sites intranet. Migrate knowledge bases to Google Apps. When building your intranet, we'll point out what other businesses have done successfully and imitate that on your site. We would love to be your expert, consultant and designer.

Google Sites Intranet Features

Include and Share

Link to Google Spaces for colleagues to share thoughts, media, etc.

Start a Discussion

Google Groups forums can be embedded for active discussions.

Connect with Google Meet & Appointment Scheduling

With the click of a button a new hangout can be launched.

Display Latest News

News and announcements, featured banners for quick alerts.

Trusted & Reviewed

We have plenty of awesome referrals for our Sites.


We've worked with Google Sites for years and know it through.

Sites Webpages

Page level permissions allow for granular access and edit rights.

Google Docs & Folders

Embed Google Drive folders and live documents from the cloud.

Process Guided

Our process is streamlined and we provide an efficient framework.

Datasets & Graphs

Live updating charts and spreadsheets keep data relevant.

Curated Graphics

Bring life to your intranet with photos, slideshows, videos and graphics.


Our intranets are well organized and designed to be welcoming.

About Google Sites for Intranet – FAQ

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is the Google website builder cloud-based software. It comes included in Google Workspace so it is the most logical choice for creating internal company websites.

Can a Google Site be used as an intranet?

Google Sites is an excellent choice for developing an intranet within an organization running Google Workspace. The platform has all the tools for a branded, secure, reliable intranet including access to the Google productivity suite of Drive, Calendar, Sheets, etc.

Is Google Sites a free intranet solution?

Google Sites is free for personal Google accounts and including without extra charge in Google Workspace accounts. Google Sites is not tiered or pay gated, so you have full access to all its features in the free version.

Is Google Sites recommended for an intranet?

Intranet use is in fact the primary purpose of Google Sites, especially within Workspace. Any Google shops are definitely recommended to see if Sites can meet their base requirements for an intranet. If so, it present a zero cost, low maintenance solutions appealing to many IT department teams.

Can I design a custom brand theme for my intranet?


How does Google Sites support multi-user collaboration?


What makes a functional intranet?

Google Sites is an all-in-one intranet platform that boosts communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. It is functional in the sense that is ties in all the cloud-based applications you love in Google Workspace. As a content management system CMS for intranet, Google Sites is user-friendly. Therefore end-users feel empowered to make more content, which keeps the intranet fresh. Functionality is added into the mix via plugins and widgets. These can be powered by Google Sheets or other cloud apps.

Are Google Sites secure and private? Are Google Sites password protected?


Is Google Sites mobile-friendly and responsive?


What plugins are supported with Google Sites?

Google Sites embed supports HTML, CSS and Javascript, so assuming a platform generates code for integration in those formats, adding them is possible. Single Sign On (SSO) will also aid in presenting dynamic user information.

How do I add a directory, org chart or database to my Google Site?

The embed code feature opens up the doors for adding all sorts of employee directory, organization chart, job boards, news, employee recognition software and much more. We can help you find the right third-party software or develop a solution custom for your company.

Does Google Analytics work with Google Sites to track traffic, engagement and usage?

Google Analytics, and specifically GA4, is a powerful statistical analysis tool for quantifying the success of your Sites intranet. You can simply add your Google Analytics property data stream code into the Site settings to begin acquiring data about each page on the site. 

Can I restrict access to my Google Site to ensure only authorized users can view and edit it?


What is Google Sites limitations?

Besides using "Embed Code" there is no direct code injection or access to the backend code. This can limit some design and development options.

Can I get a free template for a Google Sites Intranet?

Yes. You can download a free wiki template for Google Sites here.

What content, webpages and sections are common on most intranets?

It is important to brainstorm for ideas and review example intranets to nail down the sitemap for your intranet. Most intranets are organized by department, project or people. Here is a list of the most frequently included pages of an intranet.

How do I plan and start an intranet?

We can help. Contact us and we will break down the best approach for starting an intranet on Google Workspace.

Let's Build a Google Sites Intranet Together