We are Google Sites Intranet Consultants

Please contact us if you need help building a Google Sites intranet. We design, develop and launch successful intranet solutions for large companies. We will help you make a strategic plan to use Google Sites for your next project. We start by designing a custom branded intranet template, then content migration, then training. The whole intranet building process can be guided by us as your dedicated consultant. 

We help organization's use Google Sites for intranets, project management sites, events, department news and the general dissemination of information throughout the organization. We can help you move off Sharepoint or Wordpress to a secure platform used by government, education and private industry companies. 

Contact us and a Google Sites intranet consultant will reply to setup a Scope of Work meeting.

Get Social in Your Org

Google Sites is all about passive communication - the kind of information that is ready and available without having to pick up a phone or email someone. That is why a social, dynamic Google Sites intranet is crucial to the Google Apps organization because it fosters the communication through forums, web conferences and news feeds.

Circle Your Workmates
Commenting and community discussion via Google Plus.

Start a Discussion
Google Groups forums can be embedded for active discussions.

Launch a Hangout
With the click of a button a new hangout can be launched.

Start a Micro-blog
The announcements page allows for news & announcements.

Share Anything with Anyone 

One of the best things about Google Sites is the plethora of other Google Apps services you can tie into your company intranet. Your web space will be a constant source of fresh information to your workmates. Intranets are meant to be living and growing organisms that serve as a sort of one-stop-shop for finding documents, contacts and the latest news.

Google Docs & Folders
Embed Google Drive folders and live documents from the cloud.

Sites Webpages
Page level permissions allow for granular access and edit rights.

Datasets & Graphs
Live updating charts and spreadsheets keep data relevant.

Bring life to your intranet with photos and slideshows, videos too.

Hire an Intranet Consultant 

It helps to have an experience guide walk you through setting up an effective Google Sites intranet. Migrate knowledge bases to Google Apps. When building your intranet, we'll point out what other businesses have done successfully and imitate that on your site. We would love to be your expert, consultant and designer.

Trusted & Reviewed
We have plenty of awesome referrals for our Sites.

We've worked with Google Sites for years and know it through.

Process Guided
Our process is streamlined and we provide an efficient framework.

Our intranets are well organized and designed to be welcoming.